Sunday, October 11, 2009

October news from Laurey's

The days are getting colder. I’m sitting here writing with a sweater and a vest on. This is my first foray into the clothes that have been tucked underneath the shorts and t-shirts of summer. I kind of like it. My yard is frosty these days, the skies are clearer and the leaves are starting to turn. Zoom zoom.

There was a bear in my yard the other day. My pup starting going crazy, her hair standing up on her neck and her bark taking on a different tone. I followed her gaze and saw a HUGE bear, grazing on the fallen persimmons that fill up my lower yard at this time of year. Tye scooted out the door and down the hill before I could grab her and it was all I could do to convince her that she needed to stay away. Though normally pretty responsive to me, she did not come right back but howled with assertion at this intruder. The bear hardly noticed – thankfully. I got Tye locked in the house, grabbed my camera, and then went out on my own to try to record this visit. And it was only when I got within 15 feet that I thought, um, maybe THAT wasn’t such a smart idea either, and took myself inside with Tye. We stood on the porch and watched the bear eat until darkness took over and we couldn’t see it any longer.

I’m hopping up to New York later on today for a very short trek to the Culinary Institute of America. I’ve been invited to speak to the student body about being an entrepreneur, about being a woman in this field, and, I suspect, about my recent bike ride. I’ve never been there and am excited.

Last week I had two new experiences that were quite different and quite fun:
The first was that I stumbled into the Folk Art Center’s Heritage Day festivities (I was delivering lunch) just in time to join in on the fun. It was the World Gee-Haw Whimmy Diddle competition day. This is an Appalachian Folk Toy consisting of a notched stick that gets rubbed with a second stick, making a propeller on the end of the notched stick turn to the right (gee) or the left (haw.) I bought one, practiced for a short time, and won third place!!! (I am very proud of this award and am going to do my best to win first next year.)

And – I was asked to become an officiant so that I could conduct a wedding. I looked into it, did what it took, and performed my very first, but hopefully not my last, wedding. It was really fun, very sweet, and a little bit scary. I mean – this is for real! The bride and groom seemed very happy. (I was too.)

Oh – and we’ve been chosen Best Caterer in Asheville. I’m very proud of the crew here. We’re trying hard and it’s nice to get this award.

We have a lot going on here these days. Hope you come join in on some of our fun.