Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh lovely day

April 10, 2010

Hello to you an a spectacular Saturday morning in Asheville. Last night was a bit chilly so I put blankets on the columbines I just planted. This morning I uncovered them. I might have to repeat tonight, but it promises to be a nice day and that sun will make the flowers come out. Bees love columbine, I hear. This year everything in my garden will be for them. Yee ha!

I go to Indianapolis this week to talk to a bike club about last spring’s cross-country ride. I still can’t believe I did that ride. Amazing to think that at this time last year I was in Texas. Whew! (Did I tell you I’m going to ride from North Dakota to Maine? 2011. Whee!)

And when I get back things crank up around here. We are headed into our busy season. I’m “omelet babe” for a Bat Mitzvah next weekend and then I head to Rhode Island for a board meeting for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. We have a good string of weddings on the calendar, many of which I’ll help cook or serve. What fun.

But the very best thing right now is the pleasure of my garden and yard. This is the very best time of year. I have been cleaning out garden beds, one section at a time. On Wednesday I went to the nursery, cashed in the remains of a gift card, loaded up my car with herbs and geraniums and new toys and headed home. My pup helped me weed and watched as I gave the lawns their first mowing. Last weekend a fellow from here helped me move some heavy plants and a stone bench. On Thursday afternoon I dug around and smoothed things out and stuck those new things in the soft earth just before that lovely soaking rain came on Friday.

Now I go home, open the door and just leave it open as I putter around the kitchen. Almost everything in my house has now been dusted (I’m not the best housekeeper, but things are pretty tidy right now) and I am feeling clear and filled with that spring air.

My bees are settling into their new homes in my front yard. I’m getting more bees soon and have been assembling more bee hive parts in the early evenings. This is a calming thing to do. Listening to old-time music, tapping hive bodies and honey super frames together. Tye settles in next to me and all is good.

The other night I got to meet the man who made my bike. He’s one of my heroes and I gushed to him about my bike adventures, past and future. He probably hears that all the time but I felt very special, talking to the person whose company has been so much a part of me in these past years. I just bought a new bike for the next round of adventures and, now that my garden is clean, the biking can commence in earnest.

This afternoon I am a judge at the first “Cupcakes for Cures” contest at the Grove Park Inn. 54 cupcakes. Yikes! I’m going to NEED a bike ride by the time I’m done with all those tastes.

It has been quite a week. Full. Good. I’m glad it is spring. In many ways. I’ll be in touch next week.