Thursday, September 4, 2008

The big tomato

That's where the blog link is hidden. It kind of just drops down with a bit of a thud at the moment, that is, if you find your way here via our website. ( Kind of clumsy, handmade, odd. Not so bad. Perhaps we'll refine it. But then again, it is sort of tomato season around here so, well, maybe it could become tomato sauce if it dropped hard enough. Silly stuff. And, I digress.

I will put the larger articles from my e-mail newsletter up on this blog. But if I put them up NOW, they will be in a curious chronology, not accessible by the actual date of writing, but by the date of posting. Hmm.. I'm not completely well-versed in all of this yet, but I'm sure it'll come over time. One thing IS sure, and that is that the blog is working.


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